How to install the Burmese font

Note: If you want to use Unicode fonts you are requested to continue to the new dictionary.

How to install the Burmese font

To see the Burmese letters you have to install a Burmese font on your computer.


  1. download the font: click with the right mouse button here or here and save the file somewhere where you will find it again, e.g. on your desktop.

  2. click on the Start-menu, select Control Panel (in older versions of Windows click on Settings to get to the Control Panel)

  3. open the Fonts icon by double click - you will see the fonts already installed

  4. drag-and-drop the file you downloaded before into this fonts window. Or alternatively click on the File menu, select Install New Font and locate the file you just downloaded. Highlight the font and click on OK. (It is recommended to check "Copy fonts to the Fonts folder")


  1. click here to download the font

  2. if it doesn't open, locate the file and double click it

  3. click on "install"

After installation you will have to restart your browser. Go back to the dictionary and reload the page.

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This dictionary - software and vocabulary, excluding the fonts - is provided as part of the work of Burma Center Prague and remains the property of the authors.

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